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Guide to SW Update via SD Card Package

  1. 1. Copy the SW package to the Root Directory of SD card, then put it into any folder (such as folder ‘Download’),e. put the SW package into two different locations and this is to realize the SW package backup purpose since the SW package under the Root Directory will be deleted automatically once the SW update is finished whilst the SW package under any folder of the second-level directory will still be there. The backup SW package in folder of the second-level directory is actually prepared for the latter phone which needs SW update, user can copy this SW package to the Root Directory directly to carry out SW update and save the hassale of copying the SW package from the computer.
  2. Insert the SD card and power on, skip the Boot Guide;
  3. Click ‘Settings’ and enter the Settings interface, click ’System updates’;
  4. Click ‘Menu’ option on the right upper corner of the System updates interface, enter ‘More’ interface, click ‘Manually select the installation’ and the ‘Find New Version’ interface will be automatically pops up, Version (XXX) and Size(YYY), click ’Reboot to install the update’ button.
  5. The phone will be automatically power on once the installation of update is finished

(1)Click ’Settings’ and enter the Settings interface, click ‘About phone’ button;

(2) Double-click ’Processor’, enter the Settings interface and check whether the file name of the SW is the same as the one in your SD card.

  1. If no error is found, enter ‘Settings’ interface, select ‘Factory data reset’,

Settings-Other Settings-Backup and reset-Factory data reset- Reset phone-Erase Everything

Screenshots as below:

  1. Once the Factory Reset is finished, reboot the phone and enter the Boot Guide interface, press the Power key, tap to power off.
  2. Once the phone is power off, please check whether the IMEIs on the phone label are the same as those on the label of the box. If yes, please put the phone back into the box (Optional, if no new packing action is required).
  3. For the latter phone, insert the SD card and boot up the phone, find out the folder under second-level directory of SD card, copy the SW package to the Root Directory of SD card, repeat the above-mentioned steps and implement the SW update.